Overall, Squeaky performed very well, placing fourth in the competitive field. The video of the competition is available at Below, you can find the times for each of the rounds in which he competed.

Game 1: WIN vs. Brave Little Toaster. Happens 32 minutes in.

Game 2: LOSS vs. Marvin the Paranoid Android. Happens at 1:27. Marvin went on to win the whole thing.

Game 3: WIN vs. The Robot Who Must Not Be Namd. Happens at 1:43.

Game 4: WIN vs. Sir Lancebot. Happens at 1:54.

Game 5: WIN vs. Lil Tim Tim. Happens at 2:14.

Game 6: LOSS vs. Scavenger. Happens at 2:20. Scavenger went on to place second.