About the Team

Arshia Surti

Arshia Surti is a freshman planning to study Aero-Astro Engineering (Course 16). She built the lever, programmed the servos, coded strategy, and did a lot of soldering (especially since the motor wires kept getting pulled off). Besides 6.270, she is also involved in the Shakespeare Ensemble and Robocup, a competition involving teams of autonomous soccer-playing robots. When she isn't working on robots, she loves to work on puzzles, play badminton, and practice violin.

Stephanie Cheng

Stephanie Cheng is a freshman planning to study Economics (Course 14) and Creative Writing (Course 21W). Having not played with Legos enough as a kid, she indulged her inner engineer with a month of robots. During 6.270, Stephanie created Dalek’s basic cage, roller, and release mechanisms; coded algorithms for choosing territories; and proved robots are for more than Courses 6 and 2. During the rest of the year, Stephanie can be found debating anything and everything, analyzing the finer details of Doctor Who, and writing fantasy novels.

Felix Sun

Felix Sun is an undecided freshman, choosing between some computer- and bio- related fields. He designed and built Dalek's chassis, wrote the low-level drive and navigation code, and learned more than he wanted to about unconventional wheel designs. Outside of 6.270, he is a member of the Experimental Study Group, helps run the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, and is a grader/TA for Art of Problem Solving .

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