• DO NOT USE TWO MOTORS TO DRIVE ONE GEAR! This was probably the biggest mistake we made. Every motor is slightly different, and having two motors "fight" each other can and likely will result in sadness.
  • At the beginning of the competition, don't rush into building your robot. Make sure you have put sufficient thought into your design, first.
  • Keep your design as simple as possible. More components equals a heavier robot, which necessitates a higher gear ratio for your chassis, which leads to a slower robot.
  • Communicate well as a team throughout IAP. No one can do this alone.
  • If you need help, ASK. Early. The organizers are here to help you, and you don't want to be pulling an all-nighter the day before the competition because there's been something fundamentally wrong with your code for the past two weeks.
  • Mock competitions don't matter per se in that winning them won't count towards the final competition, but they are a good way to gauge your progress. Use this to your advantage.


Our source code is available here. (Released under the MIT License.)