How the 6.270 Contest Works

The 6.270 contest is divided into rounds. For each round:
  1. When signaled, each team will report to the "check-in" area. Your robot's size will be checked (1'x1'x1') and your robot's IR beacon will be checked for proper height.
  2. Each team will then be escorted by a TA to the contest table
  3. Once each team reaches the table, they may begin their 60-second calibration routine. During this time the starting light (light under the jail) will remain on.
  4. Once the 60-second calibration period is over, the table master will indicate that the calibration period is over and will shut off the start lights. Each team is then only allowed to indicate to the robot that the shut light is off.
  5. The table master will then indicate the orientation. Each team should then slowly rotate their robots accordingly. The arrangement of the 20 randomly placed blocks will also be set at this point.
  6. Each contestant is then asked to step away from their robot and must remain a certain distance away from the contest table until the round is over.

  7. The round is run and the scores are tallied.
  8. Once all scoring is complete and the scores are announced, the contestants may take their robot away from the table and head back to the contestant section.


  • What if my robot false-starts?

    The first time your robot false-starts during a round, we will re-run the match (start with calibration). If your robot false-starts twice during a round, it will be disqualified, you will be charged a loss, and your opponent will face a placebo.

  • What if there's a tie?

    If the score is not 0-0, it is a double-win. If the score is 0-0 and NEITHER robot satisfies the requirements for qualifying, it is a double-loss. Otherwise, it is a double-win.

  • What if my robot falls off the table?

    The TA who escorted you to the table will follow your robot throughout the round and will attempt to catch your robot if it flies off the table. Please note that you are not allowed to touch your robot during the 60-second round or you will be disqualified.