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RoboSkiff API

The BotKit API and the associated Java class packages allow you to access the RoboSkiff hardware from your own programs. They also provide some useful helper routines and algorithms to control your robot with.

We provide 2 separate packages for your use: botkit and java6270.

Please see the Software Releases Page for instructions on downloading the API. See also the History and Known Bugs page for the current status of the API.

Documentation on all the available classes, their methods, and parameter lists can be found in our javadocs:

The RoboSkiff API

You may access a package by putting the following at the top of your java file.

import <package name>;

botkit package

The botkit Java package is necessary for you to write code for the robot. It provides direct control over the daughtercard hardware.

The version of botkit available here is also a "VirtualBot" which simulates the behavior of the robot (to a limited degree). More information about VirtualBot will be released shortly.

java6270 package

The java6270 Java package contains some useful utility code for various robot-related activities.

The source code to the java6270 package is public, and is distributed along with the api. After you unjar classes6270.jar or java6270-1.xx.jar, the sources will be in the java6270/ directory. However, you should not edit it in place. Rather, if you wish to modify a class, copy it to your own usercode directory first, (modifying the package to usercode,) and then edit your own version from there. New releases of the API will erase any changes you make to the original files.

Sample Code

Some sample code using java6270 and VirtualBot can be found in our Sample Code Directory, which is also available on Athena at: /mit/6.270/dist/samplecode/