photo of skanky



    Skany Tanky consisted of tank treads and hence the name Tanky.  Skanky? Err-- ummm yeah.  The idea came about because, at first, we had wheels and the wheels could not support the weight of the batteries and the handy board.  Skanky also comprised of a claw  that relied on two servos that opened it and lifted it.  That's about it.


           Our strategy was to turn 45 degrees, after deciding what side we're on,  go forward until we hit the wall, and wall follow until we found a ball.  Then the claw would snap and we would backup for about 2 seconds, make a 90 degree turn (again, based on the side we started on), and go forward until we found the middle plane.   Unfortunately, we did not have a light sensor to indicate the ball's color, so we ended up scoring for the other team during the contest.


           Team 14 members are Natalie Paul (course 6-2 year 2) and Johanna Salazar-Lazaro (course 10 year 2).