Team 45
Alice Chou, Jeff Falkenbach & Jasmin Moghbeli

Sebastian with two balls

Our crazy claw-opening mechanism
See the similarities?
Sebastian is a four-wheeled robot with the rear wheels each powered by a single motor. He would use bump sensors (in theory) attached to his "eyes" to wall-follow up to the balls. He would sense the balls with two bump sensors mounted on inside of his claw. Then, using color sensors on the inside of his claws, he would read the color of the ball to determine whether it was ours or not. If it was not ours, he would back up and release it off the ramp so it would roll to the bottom. If it was ours, his servo-powered claws would engulf the ball. Using three phototransistors on his belly, he would then (in theory) line follow down to the second tier, where he would (in theory) deposit the ball. If this was successful, he would continue to do this repeatedly. Sebastian is a very friendly and loving robot. He is red and sings "Under the Sea."