Sober: Team 51


                                                                              Goodwin Chen, Jimmy Cheung, Neil Desai
Our Robot:


Our Strategy:

    Our basic idea lies in the fact that sometimes following the rules of a robot competition can be rather dry and boring.
We designed a robot that would provide the staff and audience with something interesting to watch... kinda like a little
comic relief. However, as easy as it is to laugh at our robot, you must understand and respect the amount of hard work was
put in to creating something magnificent as this.
    The strategy of our robot is to induce chaos. To understand what this means, we must first explain how our robot is
designed. Consider the following lame MS Paint renditition of our robot.

So.... as you can see, we are going to face our two "bots" at all the balls. Then when the competition starts, the two bots will
 move towards the balls and will cause some chaos.

Our hope is that the balls move around alot and some of them will come back and hit our docking statoin and stand there. This is
how we will score our points.

Another strategy is that we are extremely defensive. We noticed that many robots simply go for the balls on their own side. We
protect against this by destroying the emaculate ball placement, so that other robots cant simply move and grab the preprogrammed
balls. Also, we hope that  the tether by which the bots are attached will get in the way of our opponent.

qualified on jan 29th at 4:30 pm.