Team 12 – Large Ball Gate, Larger Time Sink

6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition IAP 2005

“I think we should start seeing other people”

                                             ~ Team 12

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                                      ZhiDe Deng                                                           Matthew Kwan                                                            Marjorie Cheng

                                       Junior 6-1                                                                Junior 6-1                                                                     Junior 6-3

                                     Main Coder                                                     Helped Code and Build                                                          Main Builder


      The People   (description provided by the person themselves)

     Matthew Kwan - “I don’t care”

                                    Zhi-De Deng  - “intelligent, irresistible, and …. modest?”

                                    Marjorie Cheng – “Funny, loveable, and overall sexy”