Team 23 BREAK

Team Members

Hyungjun Lee '08 - Built most of the robot structure. Brought food... expert of bracing...

Isaac Kim '07 - Coded the program of our robot...Hyungjun and Jiho were so desperate when Isaac went to NY during seeding rounds. They had no idea about what to do...

Jiho Lee '08 - What did this guy do for our team? Maybe some soldering... what else? hmm... he entertained team members by saying stupid things. And most importantly, he made this webpage to get credit!!!


(refer to the image on the right)

1. Head toward the wall by using 4 IR sensor on the bottom, eat the two balls in front. Then turn 180 degree by gyroscope's feed back: face outwards.

2. Drive to scoring area. Eat 4 balls.

3. Release 3 greenballs, 3 red balls in the scoring area by moving backwards with the gate open.

4. Eat 4 green balls.

5. Eat 4 red balls.

6. Drive to 7, opponent's scoring area.

7. Take all balls from opponent's scoring area.

8. Move to our scoring area, release balls.

9. Show some random moves....


Thanks to Isaac.

Click here to see the code


Hyungjun and Isaac made the basic design when Jiho was doing his snowboarding PE. Then, Jiho tried to revise it, but he was too lazy to do that....

Anyway, lego-man is so cool in our robot!!!


I wanna blame the RF system a lot...

OK. We lost by two false start. First, it started before the match started, and later, it didn't move at all.

But this wasn't only our team's problem. Lots of teams who had later match either didn't move at all or started early.

At practice, it moved really well, and scored a lot. We could never imagine false start...

Slightly angry, but this is also luck.

Anyway, 6.270 is an awesome class.

We loved this class a lot, had so much fun.

Thanks Organizers, TAs and fellow classmates.

And screw RF system...