6.270 Team 27: James II

        James II, son of Charles I and king of England, Scotland and Ireland after the death of his brother Charles II, was a prominent figure in the history of the the modern world.  Despite his prominence and the great power he exerted, our robot James II has no affiliation with the aforementioned king pictured below.  Although similarities do arise between the two deified entities, they are not in any way related.  It is by mere coincidence that such and uncommon, barbaric name like James, is juxtaposed to such an odd random number like two (II in Roman numerals, and 2 in the Arabic number system). 

James II: King of England, Scotland, & Ireland (1633-1701)


    One of the primary similarities between the anti-Protestant king and the Lego creature is marked by the manner of their defeat.  Whereas King James fled from England as his daughter and her husband, William & Mary, came to power through the Glorious Revolution, a revolution that failed to inflict even the slightest scratch or see a single drop of blood,  our Lego beast James II simply turn 90 degrees and planted himself into a wall so as not to cause any harm to the other robot.  That is the story of how these two independent beings came to their respective ends.     



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