Synchronized we move!




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Yaron Binur
Manish Gaudi



Jan, 2005


Did not pass second round





- Syno Drive Robot

- Simplistic design

- Good strategy, ran out of time

- 4 motors

- 4 Servos

- 3 light senors

- Gates from all sides

- Empty belly to hold balls



Our strategy was to not worry about the voting and pick up as many balls as we could. We had a simple strategy, that we started with. and if we had time we wanted to do a more advanced strategy.

The simple strategy was to "roll over" and keep as many balls as possible, no matter what color they were and at the end of the match to go over one of our scoring areas. We predicted that if we had enough balls the fact that we would get -1 for some balls and +2 for others would still give us enough points to win.

Our more advanced strategy was to pick up the balls and sort them according to color. Then we would wait until the end of the game and only put the winning color in our scoring area.


We decided that the best way to achieve our strategy was to build a synco drive robot, a robot that had each of it's four wheel turn 180 degrees independently, so the robot itself never has to turn. This is useful because it makes it very easy to navigate (can move along the x,y coordinates using the WF information we received) and easy to pick up balls. Be also decided that we would have one way gates on every side of our robot (four sides), so all we would have to do is pick up the balls by moving over them and then they would be stored within our robot's belly.


Our code was very simple, we wanted to collect all the balls on our side and then if we had time move to the other side, else go to the scoring area on our side.


In the end, the hardware side (building a synco drive) took way to long and left very little time for code. our robot did not have sufficient code to navigate well and move around. Our biggest problems were

- We were only two on the team

- The synco drive took to long to build

- The robot did not move straight and we did not have time to add the needed sensors to accomplish this

- We started building a whole new robot for the competition, instead of using the robot we built for the first week

In the end we lost both our first games because out code was not at a high enough level for the tournament. We both had a great time and learned a lot about building robots, team work and project management/design.