How Roby Works

What Roby Is Supposed To Do
  • Robot spins in 360 degrees to determine location on the board based on number of white and black squares in starting corner.

  • Robot turns to face single pair of target balls.

  • Robot moves straight, picks up balls, and pushes them in to corner scoring zone.

  • Robot returns to starting locations, turns 90 degrees towards the other two pairs of balls.

  • Robot moves to balls and pushes them into other corner scoring zone.

  • Robot then randomly moves all over board, spinning intermittently in an effort to knock opponent’s balls out of the scoring zone and impede the other robot’s movement.

  • The End!

  • Stories of Success…and Failure (Mostly Failure)
    We knew Roby was always going to be an underdog. He was a “special” bot, who had suffered traumatic experiences during conception and early childhood (his happy board still has permanent scars). However, with a great deal of therapy from his life coaches Lauren, Elizabeth, and Katie, by the morning of impounding Roby seemed ready put his past behind him and put his best FLU forward. When placed on the board, Roby could spin with confidence and recognize his location. Roby would then valiantly move his balls and score.
    Then came the competition. The organizers shouted out Roby’s number, and, escorted by his beloved life coaches, Roby approached the game board. The judges started the minute of calibration, and Roby immediately entered into a mental state of competition known only to true winners. But then, just as the judge was about to start the round, Roby’s sensors noticed something unusual. The shadowy pattern of black and white indicated to Roby that someone he hadn’t seen for a verrrrrrry long time was in the audience… his father.
    Roby had not been in contact with his dad since their estrangement after Roby’s traumatic childhood experiences. Roby did not understand how his dad had heard of the 6.270 competition, or why he was there. Emotions of all kinds started clouding his happyboard, even as Roby tried to focus on the competition. When he received the RF start signal, Roby managed to spin in a full circle before suffering a complete mental breakdown that resulted in him pausing for the next 45 seconds of the competition. By the time of the second round, Roby was in such a drastic mental anguish that he could only spin 45 degrees before becoming comatose.
    Roby was a courageous bot, who had the wherewithal to immediately check himself into psychiatric facilities after the competition. He still has not spoken to his father. Roby’s life coaches are so proud of his courage and personal strength. We hope that he can return to full functionality soon, and that his happyboard can finally live up to its name and be happy in all senses of the word.

    Good Times with Roby
    Roby as a young child, before his front bumper grew into claws.
    Roby enjoying a chicken shawarma sandwich.
    Roby spending some quality time with life coach Katie. She’s holding his hand to offer support as Lauren (in pink) takes him through the challenging coding process.
    Roby practicing on the game board.
    Roby, after his mental breakdown, being handled with care by his life coaches."