6.270: Team 39

Keepers of the Purple Dragon

Our wonderful poster that we held up during our rounds.


Welcome to the Home of the Purple Dragon. We are the Keepers of the Purple Dragon (and our robotís name is the Purple Dragon - see pictures to find out why).

6.270 has been a tumultuous journey, but the Purple Dragon turned out okay. We remade the Purple Dragon 3-4 times, had lots of geartrain issues, and bracing problems. When we were seeding, we realized a lot of this competition has to do with luck (and a bit of skill). So we solidified our strategy, made our robot super reliable, and ended up winning the competition (even after losing to a placebo bot - the Ferris Wheel - once).

However, we did not end up pulling any all-nighters, but we did spend about 5 hours everyday working on the Purple Dragon. But most of all, we had a lot of fun. Also, you donít need to know anything about coding or building with Legos for this competition (Julieís Course 10B and has never played with Legos before 6.270).

So explore our website, equipped with pictures of our fire-breathing dragon (well, he doesnít breathe fire...) and movies!

About Us

Name: Sergio Haro
Major: Course 6-2
Email: sharo@mit.edu

Name: Julie Shi
Major: Course 10B
Email: julieshi@mit.edu