6.270: Team 39

Keepers of the Purple Dragon

Our strategy was pretty simple. During the seeding rounds, we figured out that most teams would first retrieve their four balls, so we decided we would retrieve our two balls first. The two balls were on the shorter side of the board, so we knew that our robot was most likely going to make it to the territory first.


For example, if we started in the B position, we would first head to the X territory.

Since this side of the board was shorter, wed hopefully get to the territory first, and thus block our opponent from scoring their four balls.

Wed wait the in the X territory for about 5-8 seconds, then back up all the way to our starting position, turn 90 degrees, go and collect our four balls, and stay in the Z territory for the rest of the game (so that we could block our opponents balls from that territory and protect our balls).


One important thing to note is that driving straight and turning is very important (and often looked past). To line up with the side of the board, we had the Purple Dragon back up and smack itself against the wall. This also corrected for any ill-turning of the Purple Dragon. Our robot, since we had perfected our geartrain to be super- smooth, would drive straight as long as the motors were set as the same speed. (Thus, it is very important to have a very good geartrain.)