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Due to some technical difficulties outside the control of the organizers, the contestants were allowed to use one of two different microcontrolers. The first controller, the Roboskiff, was designed Compaq Cambridge Research Lab. The Roboskiff is programmed using a Java API developed by contest organizer Matt Deeds and TA Ken Lu.

The second controller was the Handyboard, designed by the MIT Media Lab. It is programmed with a variant of the C programming language called Interactive C.

The 2000 6.270 contest used the same (or similar) sensors and actuators to previous years' contests. This webpage is provided to the contestants as a guide to the hardware and software used in making their robot. The links to the left lead to more specific information.

The IR beacons this year are newly designed. Assembley instructions are available in both .PDF format and in Postscript.

All technical questions should go to

Feel free to also use the 6.270 zephyr instance. To subscribe to the instance please type at the athena% prompt:

zctl add message 6.270 \*

To unsubscribe, use "delete" instead of "add". To send a message to the instance, use:

zwrite -i 6.270

The instance should be for serious 6.270 questions. If you want to idly banter about pointless junk, please subscribe to "6.270.d" and write there instead.

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